Ramadan Nights


Official Video from the event

Iman Lopez 

Iman Lopez and Dubai Fashionistas 

Designer of @3privecouture - @iman.lopez having a meeting at Ramadan Nights, Armani Hotel #motivation#beauty #stylequote #fashiondesigner

Business ladies at @3privecouture Ramadan Nights presentation @r.hesan and @ultimatebzr it was an unforgettable experience, looking forward to further collaboration! #3privecouture #imanlopez #model#trusted

A stunning capture of @rouge_couture and@iman.lopez involved in a fashion discussion yesterday at Armani Hotel

Prominent fashion brands 3Prive Couture, MLLE PAOLA, Ultimate Bazaar, Naaz London and others were welcoming Dubai fashionistas and stakeholders of fashion industry at Armani Hotel Dubai this Saturday at 3 p.m. 

Ramadan is a beautiful tradition, worshiping season that is celebrated with devotion and attention. Ladies were welcome to find that one and only outfit for their Ramadan nights, as well as get consultation of makeup artists, beauty specialists and many others! 

3Prive Couture is known for its peculiar Latin touch mixed with Arabic motives. You will find genuine silk kaftans, evening backless gowns, silk cover-ups and many more, designed by Spanish Designers Iman Lopez and Yara Arias. The new Eid collection will be revealed along with the bestsellers of the brand.

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