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This spring was a phenomenal season for me this year – I had an opportunity to go to Paris, the world epic center of fashion industry. It is the greatest pleasure, for me, as a fashion designer to have attended spectacular shows of Balmain, Celine, Lanvin, Loewe. Each of them was filled with unbelievably vivid energy, choreography and the collections were breathing with latest trends.

I was accompanied by my great friend – Sleiman Dayaa, who is a certified fashion stylist. Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris was the best place for an enjoyable fashion voyage.

The trip was literally out of the world – such an atmosphere, ambiance and energy that prevailed in the air for the whole week! The most appalling fact is that I did not plan to go there, it was a last minute decision that I undertook without hesitation!

On the very first morning I had a chat with Kendall Jenner, who you all know she is. It was totally unexpected and I was surprised by her open communication, and I admired her stylish outfit.

Grace Goddington, a former model and the creative director of American Vogue magazine was another surprise that Paris endowed on me. Such a charisma and life story is not everyone’s feature.

Anna Dello Russo, the editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, stroke me with  her extremely versatile personality and style.

The trip was a sufficient and useful experience that enriched my fashion background and inspired me to go further in my beginnings without looking behind.

 As it would be necessary to say in my case: Paris, I love you and see you next time! 

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