Maldives Birthday Gift


In the mid of March I was working hard on 3Prive Couture Brand expansion and improvements, and did not event think that my birthday was so close. But the date has come, and it has come with a one-in-a-lifetime surprise – a trip to Maldives!

I went to Maldives before, but to have such a trip on my birthday was a totally unexpected gift! The whole intrigue started a day before when I was notified that we are going somewhere, but until the last minute I did not know where.

To my deepest surprise, the whole trip was an organized chain of the most pleasurable, outstanding details that led me to out-of-the-world condition. I was enchanted by the blue waters appearing from a private jet’s windows and once we landed, the air was so sweet and fresh that I thanked God for the peace and love that he gives to me.

Once settled, birthday dinner surprise followed later, while welcoming One and Only Hotel caterers and singers were preparing the birthday night party under the stars and the moon. I was excited, happy, thankful, emotional and could not stop smiling and admiring the beauty of the night. Romantic songs and stars were just the right for ambiance and 3Prive Couture Kaftan on me was making me feel simply as a goddess of paradise. Who knows, maybe I became one for a moment, because I did not believe I was still on the planet Earth!

A huge fire line started at night, it was saying “Happy Birthday Iman”, and I was mesmerized with the beauty of it.

Luckily, photographers assisted us all the night and I am able to share with you the memories that will stay with me forever.

The next morning I trained with a celebrity trainer, who inspired me to start yoga! It went so smooth,  and I learnt how to be balanced and focused on the present moment, and forget about past and future.

Overall, it was an unforgettable, beautiful experience that surpassed all my expectations!  

And I am back to Dubai, empowered and energetic to conquer new heights with 3Prive Couture.

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